Style guide


This style guide is intended to give contributors a quick start. We try hard to make editing as easy as possible. Please read this guide carefully.

We write articles in Markdown. Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax. There is a very accessible basic syntax guide. Ready for the next level? Check out the extended syntax guide.

Get it quick with the Markdown cheat sheet



An image is added using the Markdown syntax

[![{IMAGE TITLE}](/../static/img/{FILENAME}.png "{HOVER TEXT}")](https://{SOURCE})

So, if you would add the Markdown icon, this code block would do the trick:

[![Markdown icon](/../static/img/style-guide_1.png "Markdown icon")](

Markdown icon

For this to work, you only need to put the image file (format: PNG) in the /static/img/ directory and give it a proper name. For regular articles you are advised to use {ARTICLE_CODE}_{#}.

References at the article's end#

Use curly brackets and "cite journal" indicating a journal citation. Then use a counter and state the DOI. Use a "|" as a delimiter. Authors, title, journal, year of publication and hyperlink will be added automatically.
{{cite journal | ref_nr=1 | doi=10.1093/bioinformatics/btn450}}

Inline citation#

Any citation anywhere in the text can be formulated as {{cite inline | ref_nr=1}} The number refers to the counter at the References section.

Special formatting#


No formula, no IC. We need them as much as anything. Formulas are a great tool to get quickly to the core of a topic. We use the KaTeX-markup. This is not gonna be easy, but with the help of this editor you'll probably get the job done. If not, consult the other contributors on our GitLab.

With LaTeX/KaTeX we turn alien code

\it PPV = \frac{ PP_{max} − PP_{min} } { PP_{mean} }

into nice looking lines.

PPV=PPmaxPPminPPmean\it PPV = \frac{ PP_{max} − PP_{min} } { PP_{mean} }


We 💓 emojis. Use them as much as you like.

You can both use shortcodes like :heartbeat: as copy-paste 💓.

A nice list can be found here here, A lot more are stored in Emojipedia, but not all of them will work Markdown.